Case Study: Host Cities, Dubai 2015

Case Study: Host Cities, Dubai 2015

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 5.49.04 pmBACKGROUND

The 4th annual Host Cities summit was recently held in Dubai. The event, which attracted over 200 industry decision makers, also featured ShowGizmo as their official app provider. The use of ShowGizmo helped Host Cities organisers to overcome several challenges they had faced in previous years. Most notably organisers stressed a desire to extend the shelf life of their event, increase ROI and encourage higher attendance at event sessions.


The 4th annual Host Cities Summit was the first time organisers had opted to use a mobile app at their event. Organisers stressed a desire to increase the shelf life of their event by encouraging online conversation before, during and after the event.

It was realised that attendees needed a unified platform where they could receive event notifications, access speaker presentations, give live feedback, engage with one another and network.

In previous years event organisers also struggled with ensuring attendees were aware and attending scheduled sessions throughout the two day Summit.

Host Cities organisers also hoped to increase ROI opportunities by finding inventive new ways to obtain sponsorships.


ShowGizmo partnered with Host Cities to provide the official event app for the 2015 Summit in Dubai. The ShowGizmo platform offered Host Cities with a unified channel where their delegates could network and engage pre, during and after the event – thus increasing its shelf life. Since the events conclusion on the 19th of November 24% of delegates have continued to use ShowGizmo to network.

ShowGizmo’s schedule feature allows users to create their own agenda and be notified when sessions are due to begin.

The ShowGizmo platform allowed Host Cities organisers to increase ROI through new sponsorship opportunities. These new opportunities included banners within the event feed and logos within exhibitor profiles. Host Cities opted to include their own branded banner within the event feed, thus increasing their brand visibility throughout their delegate’s mobile experience.


  • 24% of attendees continue to use ShowGizmo to network post event
  • The app encouraged networking between delegates with 31% of attendees time in the app spent interacting with one another in the ‘people’ feature
  • 26% of in app time spent interacting with schedule feature ensuring attendees maximised their event experience
  • 82% of delegates downloaded and used the app
Achieving event app success and measuring it

Achieving event app success and measuring it

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 2.51.08 pm

Penguins are a UK based event agency who have been running brand/product launches, conferences, parties, experiential and reward/incentive events for the past 30 years, including over 300 events a year in the UK.

We have built Penguins their own branded Event App which they have already deployed at multiple events this year

They have run a report on their current statistics of the app at their events and how they achieved success and measure this. These stats as well as their insights into the world of mobile event apps are available for you here:

Getting engaged

Getting engaged

selfiesatpcoWe had a great question from one of our favourite clients this morning – a repeat app user, keen to explore new features of the app in their events:

What capabilities do the polling and survey features have that we might be able to tap into to create an element of interactive engagement for the delegates?

Here’s what we replied:

The poll is exactly that – a way to get people to get their phone’s out and engage!  You get to ask whatever questions you might like – perhaps even jokey ones to get the audience laughing a little!  With our system a bar chart/pie chart displays live on screen behind the speaker displaying the results in real time as people vote.

For an investment conference, how about a spoof investment poll – ‘which of these companies do you wish you’d invested in most’ or ‘which of these companies did you invest in that you wish you hadn’t’.  For a medical conference, we’ve seen speakers even use the poll to get feedback from the audience about the next steps in surgery!  Yes – ‘which artery should I cut next’!

Polls have also been well used as conversation starters, at the main registration desk – the results are on screen for a poll that runs all day, and people see it and get their phones out to vote.  Something like ‘What colour velvet jacket does our MC look best in’ could be funny – or if you want serious then ‘What is the top issue facing our industry?’.  A poster with a ‘prize for participating’ on it also seals the reward for people.

Where polls are all about real time results – rewarding people for participating then and there, the surveys are about results over time.  How about using it for asking questions of people before the event to confirm content in the agenda?  Something like ‘what key topic would you like to hear about first’ – just be sure to get the app in people’s hands early enough that their suggestions can be incorporated into the programme without putting too much pressure on the programme designers!  And of course use it post event for analysis.

It’s great to hear clients focussing on the app features that bring their communities together – it’s not enough any more to simply list who’s going where, and when.

Case Study: NZI Top Broker

Case Study: NZI Top Broker

NZI is one of New Zealand’s largest and most well known insurance brands. Each year NZI stages the Top Broker conference for their broker network. We started working with NZI for their 2012 event in Fiji. This year was an extra special event as they celebrated Top Broker’s 10th anniversary in Australia’s tropical North Queensland.

Attendees were treated to a line-up of exceptional speakers and some special guests to inspire and entertain them. But it wasn’t all business — they also had the opportunity to enjoy some of the great activities on offer in the area such as snorkeling, white water rafting, deep-sea fishing, and jet boating.

“Top Broker is one of the most anticipated events on the insurance industry calendar.  Each year we aim to exceed our customers expectations and create an experience to remember.  Trying to find new and interesting ways to communicate and interact with our customers is an ongoing challenge.  We were pleased to partner with Show Gizmo and discover how a customised app could create an exciting new touchpoint with our customers and enhance their conference experience.”

Sarah O’Dea, Broker Experience Manager, NZI.

nzi_top_broker_2013The problem

For the last two years (2012 and 2013) NZI has used our branded mobile app to enhance the experience. Their requirement was to deliver a customised version for each attendee and their partners so they would have all the information they needed on their phones. Attendees needed to be able to download the app before they travelled in order to be able to review all the information in offline mode and not rack up hefty roaming charges.

The solution

We built a completely new feature ‘My Flights’ and configured existing features to display their unique event elements. The itinerary tab allows each person’s travel itinerary to be pre-loaded, so they have access to a digital version at all times. We used the multi-track programme function as a way of including partner activities so they can view their own and their partner’s personalised schedules. One of the benefits of our ShowGizmo branded apps is the ability to change any content up to, during and after your event, but in this particular scenario, establishing a cut off point when the information had to be loaded was a critical part of the planning

The response

 “With the increasing popularity of smartphones, there’s an expectation that up-to-date information is always available at our fingertips.  Our customers are always on the move, so it was important for us to create a convenient and hassle-free way to engage them – the app helped us achieve this.

The versatility of the app means that each year we can build on the functionality of the previous version, to continually improve and enhance the experience for our customers”.

In a nutshell

  • Own brand app developed on iPhone, BlackBerry and mobile web
  • Customised with travel itinerary feature
  • One source of event information
  • 81% of attendees used the app.
  • 77% used the app more than 10 times.