We’re Hiring: iOS Developer

We’re Hiring: iOS Developer

ShowGizmo is an app which helps people organise events. You’ve probably been to a tech conference and thought “This paper based schedule sucks. I wish there was an app that did this”. That’s our app. It does a bunch of other stuff as well, and we’ve won awards for it.

We have native apps for iOS,  Android, and Windows phone, plus a new mobile web offering in development. All of these talk to a common Rails API, and there’s a web portal for event organisers, also on Rails.

We’re well established in Australasia and are gearing up to go global. Over the coming months we’ll be building a bunch of new features, sharpening up our development practice, and expanding our technical team. We’re partnering with other tech companies to build some genuinely innovative product.

We have an office dog called Kaiser. One of our salespeople once got called Zaf by mistake, and now none of us know his real name. Our CEO is married to a stunt pilot. There is a bloke in the office upstairs who has a business sharpening saws. The information radiator for the build server occasionally pauses in its primary function to play animations and songs when one of the sales team closes a deal. One of our devs shoots japanese longbows.

Our small team is diverse both culturally and technically, and we’re keen to see that continue as it becomes a large team.

You’ve probably got a couple of years development experience with at least some being on iPhone, probably objective C, and you’ve got a couple of apps in the stores. You’re keen on things like code quality, continuous build, and automated testing. You’d like the chance to make a difference to the technical direction of a codebase. You get excited by the idea of working with technology like beacons and NFC. You’re excited by Swift and want to get involved in an app that’s using it.

You don’t just live to code though. You bring joy to your colleagues with your quirky ways. Our office is 50% loft, 50% warehouse, and 50% barn. You are the value of X that makes this equation balance. Maybe you are a skilled dressage rider, or make your own fireworks. Perhaps you have a slow cooker and an interest in topiary. You probably have a humorous anecdote about a time when you got stuck in a lift with Nigel Kennedy.

We would love to get to know you.

How to apply:

CV would be a good, but also happy with a link to your Github profile, a few lines that you’ve dashed off outlining your experience, even your LinkedIn profile. Doesn’t have to be desperately formal. That fact that you’re applying through this channel suggests that you’ve done some research into the company and that you’re keen on the sound of us. 

Send your application to ben@showgizmo.com


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