Case Study: Retirement Villages Association

Case Study: Retirement Villages Association


In previous years traditional ‘speed dating’ style appointments worked well for RVA, however attendees became increasingly less engaged, in turn exhibitors received less potential leads. RVA needed to innovate their current technique in a way that would encourage attendees to once again get involved and add value to exhibitors. RVA wanted to ensure exhibitors got “as much attention from attendees as possible”.

RVA also recognized a slow uptake of their app in their first year however those that were using the app found it useful. An opportunity existed for RVA to develop a creative way to encourage uptake of the app in a somewhat tech resistant demographic.


RVA encouraged interchanges between attendees and exhibitors by incentivising their app users to engage in the Digital Passport Program. The program and other comms channels promoted delegates to scan exhibitor QR codes to reveal questions which delegates were unable to answer without talking with the exhibitor. RVA’s organizers described the activity as “brilliant” at encouraging interaction at their event.

RVA encouraged uptake by also incentivized the quiz participation by offering a $5000 travel voucher to a participating delegate. In order to be eligible, participants had to scan and answer questions from a minimum of 20 of the 26 exhibitor QR codes. Exhibitors covered the cost of the prize as they recognized the benefits the digital passport program would bring them.


  • 24% higher app uptake following the introduction of the digital passport program
  • 43% of all delegates participated in the didgital passport program
  • Each exhibitor received an average of 57 potential leads
  • Higher quality interaction between attendees and exhibitors
  • Exhibitors received higher quality leads

DIGITAL passport program

The Retirement Villages Association of New Zealand (RVA) was our first client to use ShowGizmo’s Digital Passport Program. The integration of the Digital Passport Program encouraged two-way communication between delegates and exhibitors and produced more higher quality leads.

The digital passport program is now a staple feature in ShowGizmo and our branded apps.


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