Case Study: Host Cities, Dubai 2015

Case Study: Host Cities, Dubai 2015

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 5.49.04 pmBACKGROUND

The 4th annual Host Cities summit was recently held in Dubai. The event, which attracted over 200 industry decision makers, also featured ShowGizmo as their official app provider. The use of ShowGizmo helped Host Cities organisers to overcome several challenges they had faced in previous years. Most notably organisers stressed a desire to extend the shelf life of their event, increase ROI and encourage higher attendance at event sessions.


The 4th annual Host Cities Summit was the first time organisers had opted to use a mobile app at their event. Organisers stressed a desire to increase the shelf life of their event by encouraging online conversation before, during and after the event.

It was realised that attendees needed a unified platform where they could receive event notifications, access speaker presentations, give live feedback, engage with one another and network.

In previous years event organisers also struggled with ensuring attendees were aware and attending scheduled sessions throughout the two day Summit.

Host Cities organisers also hoped to increase ROI opportunities by finding inventive new ways to obtain sponsorships.


ShowGizmo partnered with Host Cities to provide the official event app for the 2015 Summit in Dubai. The ShowGizmo platform offered Host Cities with a unified channel where their delegates could network and engage pre, during and after the event – thus increasing its shelf life. Since the events conclusion on the 19th of November 24% of delegates have continued to use ShowGizmo to network.

ShowGizmo’s schedule feature allows users to create their own agenda and be notified when sessions are due to begin.

The ShowGizmo platform allowed Host Cities organisers to increase ROI through new sponsorship opportunities. These new opportunities included banners within the event feed and logos within exhibitor profiles. Host Cities opted to include their own branded banner within the event feed, thus increasing their brand visibility throughout their delegate’s mobile experience.


  • 24% of attendees continue to use ShowGizmo to network post event
  • The app encouraged networking between delegates with 31% of attendees time in the app spent interacting with one another in the ‘people’ feature
  • 26% of in app time spent interacting with schedule feature ensuring attendees maximised their event experience
  • 82% of delegates downloaded and used the app

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