Giving event attendees what they want: the when & where of events in their hand

Giving event attendees what they want: the when & where of events in their hand

Currently 85% of association meeting professionals are using event apps to engage their delegates (MPI, 2014). Research into event apps has revealed schedule and session features are twice as important to event planners than any other feature. Furthermore, ShowGizmo statistics reveal over 40% of delegates activity in the app is spent engaging with the Schedule feature. Unsurprisingly, these insights have inspired the 7.0 update with a major focus on the Schedule.
As well as redesigning the event schedule, ShowGizmo 7.0 also incorporates quick actions and includes a native iPad app, will be released for events from December onwards.

The redesign offers a more intuitive experience for its users and allows for exceptionally complex agendas to be viewed with ease. Attendees can update their attendance at sessions with a click, adding them to their personal agendas; a quick view of where they need to be and when.

The most recent update of Apples iOS includes the ‘Quick Actions’ feature for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users. Currently very few apps are supporting this feature, however, in typical ground breaking fashion, ShowGizmo also supports the quick actions feature in the 7.0 update. The quick actions menu gives users instant access to the most popular features (Event Feed and Schedule) from the home screen of their phone.

ShowGizmo Business Development Manager, Josh Dry said, “we continually update and innovate to keep the focus on enabling maximum delegate engagement. We do this by avid research, attending as many shows as we can and using feedback and experience from the hundreds of clients using ShowGizmo.”


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