Don’t risk wasting your money, guarantee uptake of your event app – here’s how

Don’t risk wasting your money, guarantee uptake of your event app – here’s how

Follow the steps below when using the ShowGizmo system to guarantee a 50% uptake of your event app at your next event:

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 5.06.29 pm

Over the past four years we have run hundreds of events and have learnt a few things along the way! So here are our recommendations for you to achieve the basic benchmark of 50% uptake when using ShowGizmo for your next event:

1) Email attendees loaded into our system to get your app

Good timing is of the essence. Ideal lead times are:

  • Exhibitors/Sponsors and Speakers — two weeks before the start of your event.
  • Delegates/Attendees — one week before the event.

This will ensure each type of participant receives the email and engages with it when they are in the right headspace to do so.

We strongly recommend email inviting your attendees via our system as they will receive a unique link that will take them directly through to their in app profile where they can update their personal and/or company profiles with as much information as they wish. The more information the better, so evangelize the benefits of doing so which includes increased engagement levels for them.

You also want to focus on the key features that you want attendees to use (before and during the event). ShowGizmo includes an abundance of features that will be of more relevance to some types of attendees than others. You should be specific about which features you want your attendees to utilize over the course of their engagement with the app and why. For example, if you have a large conference program with multiple streams, encourage them to plan their time with the ‘My Schedule’ feature by confirming their attendance at the sessions they don’t want to miss. Another example would be if you have made Lead Qualification available to your exhibitors, stress the extra benefits of uploading their qualifying questions as well as their company documents and links before the event.

2)  Make your event website do the heavy lifting

If your event doesn’t include pre-registration, all is not lost. There are multiple activities you can engage in to ensure your attendees have the app in hand ahead of the event.

Be sure to display download links to your app prominently on the event website — to achieve the best results, it’s best to create a dedicated page with the event app details and links on it. The page content should be similar to the invite email above. We recommend:

  • Featuring a link to download the app for each device.
  • Listing the features you want attendees to be using and why.
  • Encouraging them to login immediately and update their profile.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 5.07.42 pm

We love the potential apps offer for the paperless event and enjoy supporting our clients to move in this direction. If removing or significantly reducing the volumes of paper at your event is one of your primary reasons for using an event app, tell your attendees — in our experience, you will be surprised by their willingness to come with you on the journey. 

3) Harness social media

Leverage the living daylights out of your social media channels … and those of your main sponsors and speakers! As they say in all the best social media circles, ‘fish where the fish are’ — if you have decent follower numbers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other social channel, encourage them to grab the app too.

(One thing to note when pushing out to the public is to check the event access settings that have been set within our system. Settings range from completely open (anyone can login to your event app) to completely locked down (only those who have registered or those who have registered and know the password can access your app).

4) Make the most of the morning

There is a sweet spot at the beginning of any event to grab the attention of attendees. This is typically as they are arriving and getting sorted for the day; registering, getting badged, finding out what the wifi password is, grabbing a coffee, meeting up with old friends AND downloading the app. For best results, make the latter as easy as possible: Here are some of the tips we recommend to ensure you get great uptake on the morning of your event:

Give prominence to the download flyer that our team supplies you with:

  • include in all digital screen displays around the event.
  • print copies to be handed out as people register.
  • include (in a prominent position) within the conference handbook.
  • insert into exhibitor show bags.

Utilize the presence of your onsite staff:

We provide briefing notes and FAQs for your team at registration and elsewhere around the event. Having your on-site staff who know how people can download the app and answer the questions they are likely to be asked is a key part of being able to meet or exceeding your app engagement targets.

Incentivize your attendees to download by offering a sponsored prize:

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 5.08.51 pm

You can use the barcode scanner in the app for these competitions — it’s a great way for delegates to engage with exhibitors as well as offering them the option to enter prize draws.

Pushed for numbers on the ground to help with this? Get in touch with our support team and discuss getting a ShowGizmo App Concierge to your event.

5) MC Briefing

The first address in the morning is when the majority of attendees are a captive audience. It’s usually when any housekeeping information is covered: Where the toilets are, what to do in an emergency, the wifi password etc. This is the perfect moment to promote your app and how to download it.

The first address also offers a good platform to demonstrate the main features you want attendees to use. Focus on key ones that will add most value for your particular event type and audiences. If live polling is mission critical, then get the MC to demonstrate how it works by doing an instant poll on something generic  — ‘What is the most pressing thing facing our Industry?’

As the MC goes through this process a few things will be happening:

  • attendees who haven’t downloaded the app so far, now will.
  • they’ll learn how to use this feature.
  • they see the results displayed on the screen while voting. This underlines that the app is working and will be a powerful tool throughout the event.

Don’t have a suitable opening address? Consider making an announcement over the PA system or sending out some posts via your social channels as many people will be looking at these feeds on the first morning.

6) Additional tips and recommendations

We have deployed the following things successfully at events and have found they can really increase your uptake rates:

  • Slides at the start of sessions and during breaks that show how to download the app. Using QR Codes for this is a great idea, and we can easily supply.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 5.09.43 pm

  • Provide volunteers with t-shirts that have scannable QR Codes on them or phrases like ‘Ask me how to get the app’.
  • Put up stickers in bathrooms to allow attendees to scan and download the app.

7) Tap into our experienced team

If you want any assistance with any of these activities or to try something new, please get in touch — this is something we’d like to get ‘done with you’.

Getting stuff done with our clients is what we’re here for; you win, we win. So, once you have uploaded all of your event information into the dashboard, and checked it’s all good to go through your event in ShowGizmo (or your branded app) under ‘My Events’ let us know. Email and our team will be on hand to work through any particular features that you/we feel could benefit your event and really ramp up the experience for your multiple app attendees.

And remember, in promoting your app, you can never use too many channels. People are there for specific reasons. Hearing about a valuable tool that can help them add value to their event experience and increase their engagement options during and after the event is always going to be of interest … and not when they’re queuing in the taxi rank on the way to the airport.

We started by saying we could guarantee a particular outcome. Yeah right you might say. But if you roll out these tactics in full at your next event, we do guarantee that you will achieve more than 50% uptake of your app. What have you got to lose? Get in touch with us today


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