Kiva and Us

Kiva and Us

As a young and growing business the expression “a little goes a long way” is something ShowGizmo can relate to on a personal level. Growing from the small start up we were not that long ago, to the healthy young company we have become today wouldn’t have happened without our investors. We know first hand how important lending is for a growing business. This is why we have chosen to lend to developing business around the globe through Kiva!

Beginning in 2011 with a $25 donation to the Negros Woman for Tomorrow Foundation (NWTF) ShowGizmo started giving back to other young businesses looking for support. We haven’t looked back since.

To date ShowGizmo had gifted over $1,000 in donations and loans to 38 businesses in 13 countries.  We have helped businesses grow in the agriculture, health, transportation, and retail sectors while providing support funds for housing, food, and personal use. We are proud to say we have received all seven of Kiva’s award badges for supporting innovation, anti poverty initiatives, providing entrepreneurial support, supporting family and communities, and supporting vulnerable groups. We have also received badges for encouraging clients to have a voice, and facilitating saving.

To date we have funded initiatives in El Salvador, Georgia, Israel, Kenya, Mongolia, Palestine, Peru, Philippines, Samoa, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Uganda, and the United States of America.

We are currently supporting 10 small businesses across five countries that are thriving, making small monthly payments to repay their loans. Once we receive these payments the funds will be redistributed, gifting yet another small business looking to grow!

Our most recent donation supports Sapini of Samoa. She requested $800 to purchase tools necessary to help her business grow. We chose to donate $125 on behalf of five clients ($25 each) to support Sapini in reaching her goal. The Richard Brindle Fund generously doubled our donation, donating an additional $125 to help Sapini reach her goal! Her loan request has since been fully funded, and she will soon start making loan payments to all of her supporters.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 1.53.20 pm

More information on Sapini can be found here:


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