ShowGizmo selected as the event app partner for Financial Services Forum UK

ShowGizmo selected as the event app partner for Financial Services Forum UK

ShowGizmo, the premier event app in Australasia, is delighted to announce its appointment to supply event apps to the UK’s prestigious Financial Services Forum for up to 60 events over the next 18 months.

The Financial Services Forum was established in 2000 to provide a way for like-minded professionals to connect and talk amongst themselves about their business issues and improve their understanding of the consumer, the marketplace and their own marketing performance. Membership — strictly by invitation — includes some of the UK’s most highly respected and experienced senior people in the category who are responsible for, or directly influence, their organisation’s marketing strategy.

“A key objective for us is growing our community and being able to offer the best possible value to our members. Having our own app means we’ll be able to get more engagement at our events and improve knowledge sharing,” says David Cowan, Managing Director at The Financial Services Forum.

The Financial Services Forum App will have unique features developed to accommodate the different access levels dictated by the multi-tiered membership structure and will be integrated with the organisation’s SalesForce CRM.

“It’s a great example of how event apps like ShowGizmo can be used to collect rich data and achieve highly customised experiences. This is a significant milestone for our company as it recognises the world-class status of our product and our innovative product roadmap,” says ShowGizmo’s Chief Executive Marie-Claire Andrews.

ShowGizmo — one of the first ever event apps to be launched — is the product of SmartShow Ltd, pioneers and leaders in event mobile apps since 2010. The ShowGizmo multi-event platform (one system powering many events) enables low cost, fast delivery of native apps and concurrent use by multiple organisers anywhere in the world. ShowGizmo is acknowledged by industry commentators as one of the top international solutions, a market position supported by the hundreds of events and many thousands of event-goers around the world who have enjoyed the app to date.


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