From the show floor – SIES 2015

From the show floor – SIES 2015

We recently attended the Sydney International Endoscopy Symposium – SIES 2015 for short – in Sydney where ShowGizmo was used for the second time round!

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 1.03.36 pmOur app concierge Lauren (seen above) was a bit wary going into this event as SIES is renowned for its incorporation of live surgeries into the programme. These surgeries are streamed straight from the hospital OR! However, Lauren says she saw “minimal ‘flesh’ shots’ … a big relief!

Like many medical conferences around the globe, the SIES audience included a high proportion of the older age demographics. This is often perceived to be a barrier to having high uptake levels and engagement with the app. Despite this perception,at SIES, over half of the 600+ delegates actively used the app which can largely be attributed to the great promotion of the app before and during the event! Having a concierge onsite also allowed for troubleshooting on the day and fast resolution of any access issues.

The organisers successfully made the app an integral part of the event by using a number of key features well and highly visible promotion – like the AMAZING app concierge desk above!

1. Live polls were used in an interesting way. During the six featured surgeries questions were directed to the audience from the surgeons regarding the procedures and intercut with ‘flesh’ footage- proved to be a great engagement tool! Some MC’s and surgeons were more into it than others which resulted in higher participation levels – getting the right people briefed/involved is key! What ways could live polling be used to engage the crowd at your event?

2. The organisers also offered a daily prize – $100 gift voucher for the most active app delegate – which was an effective and simple idea that got people favouriting, messaging and evaluating! Could you offer a similar prize at your next event to encourage active app usage?

3. Promotion of the app included a detailed PowerPoint with screenshots and text that demonstrated the main features of the app. This was shown at the beginning of the first day and on screens in the exhibitor hall! How could you better promote your app to delegates?

While results were positive there is always room for improvement – there was potential for getting exhibitors more involved, providing the audience with the ability to ask questions via the app and providing delegates with more content such as presentations and patient updates which both sides can take on board for the future!


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