From the Show Floor: Avalon AirShow 2015

From the Show Floor: Avalon AirShow 2015

There aren’t many events we go to where we’re handed ear plugs with our access passes as we walk in the door, but an hour after we arrived it made perfect sense…as these noisy planes swept across the skies and stopped all possibility of talk at the booth!

Fasten your ear plugs…

Yes we were at the Avalon Airshow 2015, Australasia’s largest airshow, held every two years.  Amongst the 200,000 visitors were 100 delegations from around the world joining national and international buyers attending this four day trade exhibition at which deals of more than $1bn were negotiated.

You won’t be surprised, given it’s staged by a military organisation, that the trade show was efficiently planned with a huge focus on security of information and safe interactions between buyers and sellers – all fundamental inputs into the design of their event app.

The app included unique features that may not be directly applicable to your show, but which allowed our team to explore new ways to bring people together in the event environment, something we love to do.

1. Delegations Management System – or ‘help your exhibitors meet the right people’

The Avalon 2015 event app only showed the Delegations Management System to those authorised to see it, and only once specific privacy conditions had been confirmed.  Once accessed, trade exhibitors were able to request connections with the visiting delegations, providing live data to the organising team to manage.  This was an interesting variation on the theme of matchmaking or buyer appointment making – putting the influence in the hands of the exhibitors.

How are you ensuring that your exhibitors get to meet the right people on show day?

2. Required confirmation of Privacy terms and conditions before accessing the app

Attendees at this event included high ranking military personnel and exhibitors from defence organisations around the world so privacy and security were a top priority. – something we would suggest should be critical for all events, even when they are less sensitive.  For the Avalon App we built a required acceptance of the organisations privacy and security terms into the log in process – without accepting these, a user could not view content within the app.  Security was further maximised with the inclusion of a unique password per user.  And of course our own company and contractual terms were carefully scrutinised by the organisers to ensure they met their high standards.

How are you ensuring the privacy of your attendee information?

3. App Concierges on site

Every exhibitor on site was provided with a QR code poster to encourage additional lead capture during the event . On the last day the trade floor was opened up to a wider consumer audience meaning that exhibiting staff were swamped with people!  Visitors scanned the poster to get unique information about the exhibitor – so no potential connections were missed even if booth staff were busy talking – and the exhibitor received that visitors name and email as a lead.

This was a new experience for the majority of the shows’ exhibitors so the organisers asked us to provide two on site app concierges to assist with encouraging downloads and scans, to update exhibitor profiles with new content and to field any queries about using the app.  Over 200 queries were responded to by the team – 200 fewer things for the organiser to think about.

How could an app concierge save you time on show day?


How can we help?!



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