Launching our App Concierge Service

Launching our App Concierge Service



“Having ShowGizmo onsite for a significant internal conference was one of the most valuable decisions we made. The team brought innovation, expertise and a client-first approach to every interaction. ShowGizmo understood how the app fit into our broader social and digital strategy and ensured the features worked to enhance the experience for our employees. Feedback from participants showed an overwhelmingly positive response to the app and many commented on how it lifted the conference. A primary goal of the event was to elevate social dialogue and engagement particularly during keynote sessions – with features such as polls, Q&A and the event feed, we not only achieved this goal, we exceeded expectations of the business. What a pleasure it has been to work with the ShowGizmo team – a seamless experience with outstanding results”


Attendees at events want more engagement – they want to participate and they’re using your event app to do it.  As a result there’s more to think about on the day – live polls, live Q&A, lead capture, celebrating game winners – and we know event organisers are already HECTIC on the day.

So we’ve launched our App Concierge service. In the same way a hotel concierge knows all the facilities, areas of interest and how to get around the hotel, our ‘App Concierges’ understand our app features, how you intend to use them and will be onsite at your events to be your sidekick, the go-to person for all app support.

What will they do?  Any number of these things as you need:

  • assisting participants at registration to download the app
  • making tweaks to the agenda
  • adding a live poll
  • facilitating in-app Q&A
  • handing out exhibitor QR code posters
  • generally being on hand to answer the event producers last minute questions, and requests for advice

We charge a daily rate for the service, and usually suggest that our concierge is on site for at least the first part of the first day – registration through to lunch time.  Depending on the size of your event that’s enough to really maximise uptake and answer the typical questions.  We might also discuss having them available to directly facilitate polls or Q&A at specific sessions.

This service does not replace the standard, strategic communications support we offer all our clients – which also includes onsite briefing sheets and documentation for your own app champions who’ll be onsite.

Email us for more information ( and to see if an App Concierge is what you need to really guarantee attendee engagement and ROI.


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