Event apps? Noone will ever use them … yeah right!

Event apps? Noone will ever use them … yeah right!

SmartShow’s most recent statistics for 2014 Quarter 3 clearly demonstrate that event apps are now part of the event landscape with user uptake having doubled to an average of 60% for first time deployments of the ShowGizmo app at events compared with just over 30% at the end of 2011 … and counting!

“When we started in 2010, smartphone penetration was still less than 30% in our key markets and most event producers were understandably skeptical about the meteoric rise in uptake that was projected and the potential for smartphone technology to change how people behave,” says ShowGizmo co-founder and Managing Director, Frances Manwaring.

SmartShow, a Wellington-based technology start-up, launched its flagship product ShowGizmo at the NZ CIO Summit in July 2010.

“At that time, we were one of the global pioneers of event apps. Our multi-event platform was the first of its type. We knew in time that the statistics we could gather from taking a platform approach would become one of the principle values we could offer, providing invaluable information about how app users engage with event content and each other. In today’s world of ‘big data’ our original vision is being increasingly validated with ever passing month.”

“With exponential sales year-on-year extending the community of people who have used ShowGizmo by quantum leaps — more than a quarter of this community has used the apps more than once — the data being captured is really backing up what we know anecdotally; people love and widely use event apps,” says Manwaring.

“What’s coming through loud and clear is that event organisers who take a strategic and long-term approach to their mobile strategy will quickly see the rewards. The level of engagement with the apps from second and subsequent deployments by people who’ve downloaded the apps is much higher with currently an average of 95% of users engaging more than 10 times compared with 67% of the equivalent group for a first time deployment.”

While SmartShow never releases individual data uploaded into the ShowGizmo platform and has stringent privacy controls to ensure users are protected, Manwaring says the company is building rich intel that event organisers can tap into. This enables not only individual event performance, but also year-on-year comparisons, benchmarks across industry sectors and regions and deeper understanding of what it takes to make a successful and sustainable event in this highly competitive environment.


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