From the show floor: NZ Marketing Summit

From the show floor: NZ Marketing Summit

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Josh attended the NZ Marketing Summit in Auckland last week. Conferenz were running the Summit and were utilising ShowGizmo, as well as being on site for any necessary app support, Josh was lucky enough to attend most sessions and take in the great content.

Here are a few take aways from the event:

Multiple Streams: worked well in programme and with the use of personalised agenda.
The Summit was organised into four main streams; LIVE, DATA, BRAND and REACH. These streams were on at the same time allowing attendees to chose between the sessions. The agenda in the app displayed these sessions at the same time and with the use of the personalised agenda, attendees could select which session to attend by adding this to their personal agenda. With so many great speakers, this allowed the attendees to also change their mind multiple times – which certainly happened in my case.

Connecting to Speakers: speakers from around the World and experts on specific content.
Having their profiles and contact details, Marketers could get in touch with them directly. Some of the  speakers were very future-focussed and presented a lot of trends and examples of recent successes. With a range of Marketers at the Summit, some speakers struck certain notes with attendees, leaving them wanting more. With a large audience, sometimes not the best for specific or personal questions, attendees could get in touch with the speakers themselves and follow up on specific advice.

Exhibitors/Sponsors Zone: well set out, interactive. Food and drinks in zone, bringing delegates to exhibitors.
This space was done well, allowing exhibitors a large thoroughfare of attendees between each session as all breaks were held in this room. There was a good mix of exhibitors and most stands had an interactive element to them keeping attendees engaged during the breaks.

Exciting Marketing Trends: there was some great content and here are some takeaways for fellow Marketers
a) Infobesity: a term coined by the advertisers in the panel session. Today there is so much information out there that it is overloading and the Marketers who will succeed in the future will be those who can filter this information and provide their audience with content directly specified to them.
b) Experiential Marketing still key for events: NZ’s own V Energy Drink and the RWC showed great examples of this: informing us how they had made their brands come alive with great experiences at live events. This content is all made available on
c) Video + content creation extend the life of your event: And I thought I would leave you with the most astounding stat I heard at summit “1% of the video content uploaded daily is more than 60hours of footage”.


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