Collaboration not competition

Collaboration not competition

This guest post is from Nicky Remkes, a director of Tom, Dick & Harry Event Management.  Nicky is passionate about events and has been organising events of all types for over 10 years. She has an Advanced Diploma in Event Management and a Certificate in the Management of Events and Conferences – and she’s hit the nail on the head in her blog about collaboration not competition. We’re firm believers that there’s pie enough for all of us to eat, and we’re proud of our collaborations with other event tech companies that you might think are competitors!  Read on for Nicky’s opinion and let us know your thoughts…

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Collaborate rather than compete

What if we look at our competition as an extended sales force? Is there enough work out there to spread amongst likeminded professionals working to deliver outstanding events? I believe there is!.

I’m privileged to work on a contract basis to a pretty remarkable nationwide organisation that recently held a mangers’ conference on the Kapati Coast.

One of the attendees talked about how to set up meetings with one’s competitors with a view to having them become your extended sales force – I thought she was a little bonkers at first.

Her premise is that when you take the effort to learn about another’s company – strengths, specialist areas and, more importantly, values, you will find gaps in each other’s business that you can help fill. You will be able to see a similarity in focus, beliefs and core values.

Imagine if you pitched for a couple of events or conferences and they turned out to be on the same day in a different city or country. If you had a healthy, trustworthy relationship with a fellow competitor you could collaborate to either work together or outsource a large amount of event management services without the fear of thinking every 5 minutes – are they going to steal my client! This could also be a great way to optimize any periods of down time: simply contact your competitor (or newly formed external sales force) and see if they have any work you’re able to help them with during this time.

Obviously you will need to like and trust these individuals and companies and be mindful that not everyone has the best intention when it comes to collaborating.

Some companies already collaborate and are doing a spectacular job at it. For the rest of us – Lets give it a go!

Nicky Remkes


Tom Dick and Harry


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