Taking the soft options … not always a revolutionary concept!

Taking the soft options … not always a revolutionary concept!

We’ve been shouting vive la (mobile) révolution! from the rooftops since we started SmartShow more than four years ago. Can’t believe it’s really four years — how time flies when you’re storming barricades! Our zeal has been based on our unswerving belief in the on-going potential of smart mobile to achieve radical change for events and event people.

However, like any self- respecting revolution, the mobile version will not achieve it’s fullest potential without it’s fair share of upheaval. Today’s event’s industry is in transition —not a comfortable place for many, bringing unwelcome uncertainty as the Ancient Regime gives way to the new. Just as republicanism and democracy swept away many monarchies and oligarchies in the 19th century, mobile and software as a service are stealing a march on out-dated event technologies.

Take our recently launched mobile lead capture product for example. Quite apart from the fact that it can do everything conventional lead capture devices can do … and more … using mobile brings the flexibility that software as a service delivers as opposed to rapidly- becoming-obsolete, high maintenance third party hardware, despite the key role it’s played for so long.

Why has it taken market share? Because mobile software delivers immediacy: it’s instant. Real time. Flexible. Agile. All the contemporary mantras. It’s also very easy and, once people get their heads round it, won’t require the same level of support. That means, less cost, less hassle, better experiences … win win win.

But this doesn’t have to be a bloody revolution. Heads don’t have to roll. The tumbrils don’t need to grind on their inexorable path towards Madame La Guillotine. While there inevitably will be some blood on the carpet as suppliers re-group, re-think and re-align themselves to fully understand how to encompass what is essentially a different business model, the benefits are legion for new and existing players. This will become more and more apparent through new partnerships like the ones we’re forging with established industry leaders like Tradevent Solutions in Australia and Event Solutions in New Zealand to create innovative solutions that work for everyone.

So don’t lose your head (!) and think liberté, égalite, mobility!


Happily, this revolution is not likely to be followed by a Reign of Terror and Madame La Guillotine will not be required to get people to see things differently — the writing’s too strongly on the wall already … not in blood either.


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