Getting engaged

Getting engaged

selfiesatpcoWe had a great question from one of our favourite clients this morning – a repeat app user, keen to explore new features of the app in their events:

What capabilities do the polling and survey features have that we might be able to tap into to create an element of interactive engagement for the delegates?

Here’s what we replied:

The poll is exactly that – a way to get people to get their phone’s out and engage!  You get to ask whatever questions you might like – perhaps even jokey ones to get the audience laughing a little!  With our system a bar chart/pie chart displays live on screen behind the speaker displaying the results in real time as people vote.

For an investment conference, how about a spoof investment poll – ‘which of these companies do you wish you’d invested in most’ or ‘which of these companies did you invest in that you wish you hadn’t’.  For a medical conference, we’ve seen speakers even use the poll to get feedback from the audience about the next steps in surgery!  Yes – ‘which artery should I cut next’!

Polls have also been well used as conversation starters, at the main registration desk – the results are on screen for a poll that runs all day, and people see it and get their phones out to vote.  Something like ‘What colour velvet jacket does our MC look best in’ could be funny – or if you want serious then ‘What is the top issue facing our industry?’.  A poster with a ‘prize for participating’ on it also seals the reward for people.

Where polls are all about real time results – rewarding people for participating then and there, the surveys are about results over time.  How about using it for asking questions of people before the event to confirm content in the agenda?  Something like ‘what key topic would you like to hear about first’ – just be sure to get the app in people’s hands early enough that their suggestions can be incorporated into the programme without putting too much pressure on the programme designers!  And of course use it post event for analysis.

It’s great to hear clients focussing on the app features that bring their communities together – it’s not enough any more to simply list who’s going where, and when.


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