Beacon Bounty Hunters blaze a trail at Convene 2014!

Beacon Bounty Hunters blaze a trail at Convene 2014!

IMG_2525[1]If you’ve been at any recent MICE event, you couldn’t have missed the buzz about ‘iBeacons’!  They’re all anyone seems to be talking about at the moment because people believe they’re going to revolutionise the visitor experience at events.

iBeacons are small, portable, Bluetooth devices with the ability to send messages directly to an attendee’s smartphone as they enter or leave the Bluetooth range of the beacon. They pave the way for innovations such as the ability to automatically ‘clock’ attendees as they enter the event venue or session rooms, making it easier for ‘walkups’ to register as they arrive, meaning the registration queue could soon be a think of the past.

But iBeacons have also opened the door to creating engaging games such as the Beacon Bounty Hunt we launched at Convene 2014 which has given people just a little taste of what’s possible. “Bounty hunters” were given clues to enable them to find five different booth locations. As they neared each booth, the iBeacons sent one letter of a five-letter word to their phones. Once they had collected all five, they headed back to the ShowGizmo booth to record their time on a Top Gear style leader board.

 “What a surprise when the message with a letter popped up on my phone! I loved the whole thing. Forget old fashioned show passports – this is much more fun”

…Irene of XPO Exhibitions, the winning bounty hunter at the event.

We’re thrilled to have been the first event app to roll our iBeacons in New Zealand, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. By locating a number of beacons across a venue, we’ll can establish visitor-flows around trade floors, present welcome messages, streamline check-ins and more. So stay tuned — we’re on the case.


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