Tayloring the app to the match the image

Tayloring the app to the match the image

ShowGizmo, the premier event app in Australasia, has teamed up with leading professional event manager, Brisbane’s Taylored Images (TI) to create a multi-use, branded app.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 10.19.08 am

“While we’ve sold ShowGizmo into hundreds of events of all sorts internationally and a growing number of venues and corporates are beginning to see the value to them in our multi-event platform, this is the first time we’ve created their own branded version for a PCO  anywhere,” says ShowGizmo’s CEO Marie-Claire Andrews.

The app, (TI Events), is derived from the ShowGizmo platform with all the extensive features and functionality that have been developed over SmartShow’s four-year life working with and learning from event producers of every hue. Other than the Taylored Images branding, the big difference is that the Taylored Images team can set up and manage as many client events as they wish via their own Admin Panel and content management system. “For ShowGizmo, once the initial training has been done, it’s pretty much press play and they’re away other than for on-going advice and support … and sharing war stories of course!” adds Andrews.

Taylored Images can now offer their own top-of-the range event app to offer clients without the expense and resourcing issues that would be usual to maintain and continually upgrade a platform of this complexity — upgrades and enhancements made to ShowGizmo will be transferred to the “TI Events” app at agreed intervals.

“We’ve been leaders in event thinking for more than 20 years both nationally and internationally, something we attribute largely to staying ahead of trends and innovations that are shaping our industry. Mobile is probably the biggest single game changer and it’s impact is already apparent. Including our own app is a no-brainer,” says Wayne Taylor, Certified Event Manager the owner & Managing Director of Taylored Images a Certified Event Management Company.

Three events have already been successfully set up in TI Events App … in a week.

“It’s so simple! We just log-in, click on ‘set up event’ and there it is. We’re still learning the best ways of helping our clients get the most from our apps, but the ShowGizmo team have been great in helping us understand what works and what doesn’t. We’re delighted with progress so far,” says Taylored Images Senior Event Manager Lauren Born.


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