Out and About – Convene Breakfast Panel

Out and About – Convene Breakfast Panel

brekkieI’m on the panel!  We’re going to debate (fuelled by VERY strong coffee) topics that include:

  • What’s changing about the way people expect to participate at events – how have their needs and habits changed, what’s likely to change this year and in coming years and are we adapting accordingly?
  • What are the challenges that we face, delivering events in the digital age?  How do we keep up with trends, so we can present a knowledgeable assessment of options to our clients? How do we get ROI from investments? How do we recruit and train staff who need to know about systems that are alien to us (!)? What can the industry to to help businesses and individuals stay informed, educated and aware?
  • How we as an industry can get a slice of the $2bn advertising budget and what media agencies do or don’t know about our industry
  • Do we need a digital strategy for the meetings, incentives, conference and exhibitions sector? What might it look like?

Register here to join us.  Look forward to your questions!


breakfast -2


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