Love it or hate it, the one thing it’s not possible to be neutral about is event technology. Until global warming or some other as yet unimagined global disruption forces us back into the dark ages and survival mode, it’s not going away any time soon. With innovations like iBeacons popping up like barnacles on a ship’s keel wreaking havoc on established thinking, it’s a bit like in the movie Jaws – just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water, another technological shark bares its teeth at you!

But don’t let those teeth put you off — there exists a simple solution that can help you swim with confidence. If you haven’t already got one, why not form a technology advisory group (TAG)? This is something that we’ve recently suggested to clients. It makes a lot of sense because we are specialists in mobile event thinking and so, as a matter of course, we take pains to help people understand the conditions that will offer the best chance of getting great uptake of ShowGizmo at their events.  But, in the course of our work we also rub shoulders with many of the other top technology providers; from registration to onsite badging and ticketing. As a consequence, we’ve built in-depth understanding of what the different and competing technologies can do for events, which ones are likely to be the right fit for a particular event and how to aggregate technology to achieve very specific objectives.

It can be a daunting experience selecting and then forking out big money for technology that may or may not live up to expectations, particularly if you’ve already had one or more bad experiences. Establishing a TAG that includes representatives from potential event technology suppliers makes sense on many counts. For a start, no organisation can be expert in everything and while a high-level understanding of what technology can do for events is mission critical, drilling down into the detail is not and can be outsourced. Forming a TAG also brings new thinking and networks to your organisation, embeds technology into all the event planning and communications from the start and is certain to save you time, money and too many sleepless nights worrying about how it will all perform. You’ll also ensure that you select the right mix of tech, and that each product or platform has a specific and useful role to play – a role you can ensure is clearly communicated to your event participants so they’re not confused as to whether they should tweet it, tap it, post it or pin it!  Most of all it will ensure that you milk every last benefit from the collection of technology you are investing in so your event is one of the shining stars in the event galaxy, rather than burning out.

If you are struggling to come to terms with technology selection and deployment, forming a TAG will help you be confident that it really is safe to get back in the water. Techno-fear will most definitely no longer be a factor for you!


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