It’s official … ShowGizmo V6.0 now in the app stores!

It’s official … ShowGizmo V6.0 now in the app stores!

The recent release of Apple’s new operating system ioS 7, has opened up a dramatically different look and feel for apps, something we’ve capitalised on big time with our just released V6.0 of ShowGizmo. With its swipe-to reveal sidebar menu format and more sophisticated design approach, our new apps feel super-contemporary and amazingly intuitive to use.

In addition to new features like public and private messaging, a private social network and event feed to capture all the commentary and excitement at your events, sponsor advertising is also taken to a new level. All the familiar features are still there … with bells on … but the jewel in the crown is the ability to configure ShowGizmo to meet the different needs of each of your events. You can add branding, change the colour-ways, name features anything you like and turn them on or off to suit your event’s specific dynamics. All via a web dashboard with no coding required.  Off the shelf – but tailored to fit.

We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved and are certain you’ll love it too. Contact us to get ShowGizmo V6.0 or go here to set up a free trial….


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