Startup snapshot: Showgizmo via TechWorld

Startup snapshot: Showgizmo via TechWorld

Showgizmo is a mobile app developer from Wellington, New Zealand, that seeks to replace paper at major conferences and trade shows around the world.

Best conference ever.

The pitch

Showgizmo hopes to ride two waves — the rise of smartphones and an increasing industry focus on sustainable practices, according to Showgizmo marketing director, Josh Dry.

“One of the main reasons we’re in the industry is to reduce paper,” said Dry, who was the company’s first full-time employee.

“The events industry is one of the worst performing industries in regards to waste and recycling. Why create a program book for $5 per person for $1000 attendees when you can get an app and it’s all digital?”

The startup has been able to serve a wide range of customers with a single app that can include an event’s schedule, floor plan, session evaluation forms and other common conference material. Customers that prefer to have their own, fully-customised app can buy and self-brand a white-label version.

Since the official launch two years ago, the Showgizmo app has been used in about 200 events globally. Customers have included IBM, TEDx, Flight Centre, Reid Exhibitions and Auckland University.

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