How hard can that be?

How hard can that be?

This is a question — in the context of adding to ShowGizmo’s feature set or functionality — that has quite dramatic effects on our development team. Responses have been known to range from a simple vacant stare to varying degrees of eye-rolling accompanied by unbecoming frothing at the mouth or, in the most extreme cases, rolling around on the floor clutching head and screaming hysterically!

Those of us who are not burdened by the knowledge of how things work in ‘Geekdom’, have never really been able to get our heads round these seemingly over-the-top responses. After all, how hard CAN it be to change the background colours in our BlackBerry app for example? Just a little tweak surely? Apparently not. That particular request only induced a bark of laughter, but then we were talking BlackBerry and nothing relating to BlackBerry apps is apparently easy or straightforward.

If sales people actually had the blindest idea how difficult such minor tweaks were to achieve, many innovations would never happen. It’s a bit of a demonstration of hope (sales thinking) triumphing over experience (development head space) but as we move closer to launching our new app interfaces, all we can say is a big hallelujah for both.

So on to …. “How hard can it be to include 1 and 2D Bar Codes as well as QR codes in ShowGizmo?” We thought this would be a case of light the blue touch paper and stand back! Again, apparently not.  This suggestion didn’t even justify the most minor of eye-rolling and what a difference this would make to life the universe and everything … including event budgets. Imagine a world where one app really does rule them all? A world in which polling, badging, registration, scanning all sit in one, fantastic value for money package. Well, from where we are now, it’s not that big a stretch … or that far away.


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