ShowGizmo selected as one of the Top 5 apps for Event Management

ShowGizmo selected as one of the Top 5 apps for Event Management

Atomic Axis is an Austin, Texas based mobile development company that is at the forefront of what’s hot in the app world.  And they picked ShowGizmo!

In their latest top 5 list they took a look at the event industry and how the use of mobile applications can better facilitate any conference or convention.   In their words:

The use of printed programs are becoming a thing of the past. What are conference attendees using now? Their mobile device. With the surge of mobile devices, attendees can now post comments on their social media sites, look up speakers, take notes, take pictures, and communicate with other attendees all with the same device. Mobile devices enable attendees to experience a conference like never before.

Here at Atomic Axis we understand that one cannot always afford to produce a custom made application for an event or conference. Therefore, we would like to fill you in on our top 5 favorite event management apps that provide you with a simple to use framework and tools to create your own application. Once completed you can then share it to all your attendees to provide them a unique experience that they will never forget.

Read the full article here.  The team highlighted ShowGizmo’s Live Polling feature (part of our SUPER package) as our key selling proposition.  Now mobile devices are ubiquitous, why hire in more hardware?!?!


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