Taking our place next to the ‘Flora’?

Taking our place next to the ‘Flora’?

You know the saying; builders always live in the worst homes.  Or dentists have the worst teeth.  Well, I don’t think events for events people are cutting it when it comes to showing our industry off.  A wildly sweeping generalisation perhaps? Well, yes, I can think of some exceptions (including Meetings 2013 here in New Zealand) but, as a rule, we need to shake ourselves up a bit.

Why?  Well, our so called showcase events are not showing off the true flavour of what’s going on. For example, we’ve just completed our listing for a large event offshore next month.  We had to choose a primary category for our business.  No ‘Event Apps’ in the list.  No ‘Event Technology’ even.  I was tempted to choose ‘Fireworks’ (oh yes, they get a whole category) or perhaps ‘Flora’, as our apps are pretty, but settled on ‘Software’.

And when I look at the list of exhibitors, I can see plenty of venues, caterers, swag providers (don’t get me started) entertainers and magazines but very few tech companies.  I guess if we’re not welcomed with our own categories, we might not turn up.

Unless you’re living in a cave (with no wifi), you’ll know that the growth of mobile technology has been unprecedented.  Studies from Cisco indicate that mobile technology will continue to grow at an enormous rate – by 2016, one-quarter of mobile users will have more than one mobile-connected device and 9% will have three or more mobile-connected devices.

As our lovely friend Corbin Ball said to us last year: “We will see a very significant increase in mobile apps for events in these next two years.  Two years from now, if you don’t have a mobile app for an event, people will question why your event is behind the times.”

So, apps for events are here to stay.  I think we’ve earned a category of our own.

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