ShowGizmo achieves a terrific third birthday trifecta!

ShowGizmo achieves a terrific third birthday trifecta!

3 bday FB graphic

The event smartphone app of choice at more than 160 event organisers around the world in 11 countries on 5 continents, ShowGizmo is now three! Created by Wellington-based events enthusiastics in 2010 to leverage the smartphone revolution, our product ShowGizmo has since become one of the international market leading event apps.

Three years doesn’t seem much in the overall scheme of things. But in the fast-moving and dog-eat-dog world of mobile apps and event technology, it’s a major achievement and we’re in a great position to take on our competition around the world.

The cake’s about to be delivered, the champagne’s on ice and we’re celebrating theoccasion in fitting style with three major milestones:

  • In 2013, ShowGizmo will be the official event app for the top three New Zealand events for events people — Convene (May), Meetings (June) and Eventing the Future (Aug) as it was for the Australian equivalents last year (The Perth Event Show, AIME, ABEE).
  • The app is being deployed for the third year in a row by several clients, starting with The Perth Event Show and BIBA (the British Insurance Brokers Association Conference) in May.
  • The staging of a third Event Camp, this time in conjunction with iconic international event organisers Reed Exhibitions in Abu Dhabi and online on 26 and 27 March. Event Camp is an international movement bringing together like-minded event professionals to share experiences and learn new strategies for leveraging social media and technology to create enhanced event experiences

So what’s next?

Well, we’re already the #1 app for New Zealand event producers. This year we are gunning for the top spot in Australasia, something that will be delivered by the investment we’ve put into our technology which we know is already swinging the balance in our favour over our competitors in our back yard.

And we’re extending our horizons – most of our clients are currently in Australia, the Middle East and the UK, so the plan is to build the ShowGizmo brand in these markets and set our sights on at least one other this year.  Why?  Well, the biggest change in three years is that ‘app culture’ is now a factor in all our markets. In the UK they talk about smartphone addiction! When we started in 2010, the question was, ‘what’s an app?’ Now it’s, ‘what can your app do?’ We’re proud of our role as trailblazers, educators and innovators in the events industry and to see the changes technologies like ShowGizmo are ringing in for event goers around the world.  Having been at the ‘bleeding edge’, we’re now poised to reap the rewards.

We couldn’t have done it without an amazing team of geeks, client specialists, evangelists, partners, investors and of course our brilliant event producers.  Thanks to you all!


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