Living on the edge: New Zealand to the World

Living on the edge: New Zealand to the World

Wondering why ShowGizmo HQ is in NZ?  We Kiwis love technology! Or rather, we love what technology can do for us. Why? Because we live on the edge. In other words, we live in a land far far away from pretty much anywhere else. So for companies like ours, finding technology solutions that bring us closer to the rest of the world is in our blood.  

However you slice and dice it, even the nearest parts of the rest of the world are distant:

•    Australia 1,440kms (2,250 miles)
•    Hong Kong 9,500kms (5,860 miles)
•    USA 9,600kms (9,600 miles)
•    Beijing 10,750kms (6,680 miles)
•    Johannesburg 12,318kms (7,600 miles)
•    Mumbai 12,300kms (7,635 miles)
•    UK/Europe 19,200kms (12,000 miles)

To hammer home the point, we’re as far away from Europe as it’s possible to can get without starting the return journey.

But we’re not sitting in a field with the sheep – SmartShow now sells into every continent except Antarctica (still working on that one … thinking maybe ShowGizmo for the next Emperor Penguin’s convention?).  This would have been unthinkable for a company like ours before the era of software-as a service that delivers on the promise that the world is your oyster.

Our geographic separation not only forces us to be early adopters of technology across the board — the pioneering spirit prevails — it also makes us innovative thinkers.  We’re a small country, with a small population and our workforce is typified by people who are generalists and who accept that they have to be good at a lot of things because if you can’t do something yourself, there usually isn’t anyone who can do it for you – 85% of NZ businesses employ five or fewer people.

When it comes to software development, this versatility is particularly pronounced. In larger countries, where the scale of SME businesses make ours look like David confronted by Goliath, developers tend to work on one discrete piece of code. Our multi-talented and multi-tasking counterparts are more likely to be responsible for the whole shebang. This understanding of the bigger picture means we have a talent pool of developers with the ability and inclination to think ‘outside the box’. New Zealand developers punch way above their weight in terms of the sheer volume of great (i.e. bleeding edge, world leading) technology products they create … like ShowGizmo for example ☺

And there is one more advantage our geography brings; our perfect storm conditions of isolation and inventiveness combine into a national psyche that really gets the concept of building and maintaining communities, often at arm’s length and sustained through clever use of available technology.  We overcome the issue of lack of local scale by creating communities without geographical boundaries.  The world is our community.  

Then of course while the rest of the world is sleeping, like our nocturnal iconic national bird (the kiwi for those of you not entirely sure), we’re out and about getting stuff done, rocking around the clock and giving truth to the possibility of 24/7 service and development.

Living on the edge, gives us an edge. It’s that simple.


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