Amazing what we get up to DownUnder when other parts of the world are sleeping!

Amazing what we get up to DownUnder when other parts of the world are sleeping!

New Zealand is the 2012 Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair and the brand While You Were Sleeping has been developed as the international platform for New Zealand’s presence at this book trade extravaganza featuring some 7,500 trade exhibitors.

“We’re thrilled that ShowGizmo has been selected to be the official app for this celebration of Kiwi literary creativity and to be a part of such an important initiative for New Zealand internationally,” says Frances Manwaring, SmartShow’s Managing Director.

“The theme While You Were Sleeping is an elegant way of underlining the fact that while most of the world is in darkness, in the Southern Hemisphere we’re beavering away creating things, empire building and making a heap of waking dreams come true.”

Spear-headed by the Publishers Association of New Zealand (PANZ) in partnership with key New Zealand Government agencies and arts organisations, While You Were Sleeping is an exciting programme of events that New Zealand is staging over the five days of the Book Fair (10 – 14 October) to showcase the best of New Zealand.

There is also an extensive cultural programme at the New Zealand site at Museumsuferfest (The Museum Embankment Festival) on 24-26 August. Museumsuferfest is Europe’s largest cultural festival with attendee numbers expected to top 3 million.

By using ShowGizmo, PANZ will be able to the information for both events available to ALL attendees via their smartphones. This includes full details about participating authors, publishers and other creative businesses and details about the fantastic events that are happening within the New Zealand Pavillion and other specially constructed exhibition spaces.

Using ShowGizmo for both events has some distinct advantages,

“Using the app for ‘Uferfest’ will enable the organisers to make all the great content of that event available to the public, whilst also driving advance publicity for the NZ programme at the Book Fair itself,” says Frances.

Using ShowGizmo, the organisers will be able to send out real time notifications to people via the app, making sure they know what’s coming up and where, They’ll also be able to capture statistics about what people have attended and liked as well as marketing data they wouldn’t otherwise collect.

We’ll set it all up and manage it from New Zealand … while people elsewhere are sleeping!


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