Mobile Web

Mobile Web

SmartShow has been producing market-leading native event apps for the past 2 years under our ShowGizmo brand.  To date our apps have been specifically tailored to the leading mobile platforms: iPhone, Blackberry and Android and we released a native for iPad at the end of last year.

Since we started, the number of smartphones has increased exponentially and we monitor market trends and user uptake carefully to make sure that our offer includes the best and most popular platforms. From this ongoing research, it’s fair to say that some phones are smarter than others and some lack the platform support or user-base to warrant the development of their own native app.

However, that’s not to say that users of those devices should miss out when they attend events powered by ShowGizmo. It has therefore been a key part of our development strategy to create a mobile web app to add to our existing stable of natives, putting event information into the palms of most event attendees.

So we’re delighted to announce that the ShowGizmo mobile web app is now available – accessed through people’s mobile browsers to allow even more people to access event information and get more out of their involvement before, during and after the event. And we’re providing it at no extra cost – choose ShowGizmo for your event up to 250 people and pay only $1000 for the mobile web app along with all the other natives…


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