The Showmanator says ‘Why you should be at Event Camp DownUnder’

The Showmanator says ‘Why you should be at Event Camp DownUnder’

The first ever Event Camp DownUnder and the first in the world for 2012 will take place in Sydney, Auckland and online on 26th and 27th February. Expecting more than 70 #eventprofs in the room in Sydney and in Auckland with a virtual audience of hundreds, the event organisers have kept the ticket price low at only $75 for this amazing hybrid event.

The Showmanator’s 6 reasons why you have to get there!

1. Connect with the impressive presenters leading the discussions – Jo-Anne Kelleway (CEO Info Salons Group), Paul Cook (Planet Planit) and Mitchell Beer (Conference Publishers) feature amongst other keynotes that include 13 expert speakers and facilitators from around the world. They will be leading debates and posing questions to the audience on topics like social media, large scale event production, hybrid events, mobile apps and creating communities….

2. Meet likeminded professionals. EventCampers worlwide thrive off this forum to interact with, discuss and create new business opportunities. A collection of the most concerned and active event people and sevice providers downunder.

3. Witness a hybrid event in action. With so much buzz around events going hybird for numerous reason – you can come witness one in action and discuss the outcomes with fellow event profs.

4. Experience emerging technologies – In Auckland we will be using the very cool, new Holo-Info-Desk. This multi-touch surface allows our Auckland presenters to watch the twitter feed, live streams, post their presentation notes and more on the one interactive screen.

5. Hear one of the most influential technology speakers in the Industry. Corbin Ball will be presenting on Event Technology. We expect something very impressive from Corbin!

6. The event in Sydney is being hosted by IML Ltd at their offices at 60 Carrington Street – and attendees will be spoiled by local caterers, swag providers and sustainable initiatives to make this an event not to be missed for 2012!

‘If these aren’t enough, it’s ‘cheap as’ to attend and attend remotely. We want this event to be accessible to every event professional and generate some amazing conversations that will fuel event and technology design in 2012,’ Josh says.

Register at today!


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