A match made in technology heaven

A match made in technology heaven

Aussie event tech market leader Info Salons Group and Kiwi event app company SmartShow partner to produce ‘killer’ smartphone apps for events.

This powerful Trans-Tasman collaboration is a true meeting of minds.  Both companies share a passion for event technology and for exploring new frontiers.    Their first joint public outing will be at AIME 2012 in Melbourne in March where they are providing ‘ShowGizmo’ as the event’s official smartphone app and sharing a tradestand.

‘The ultimate intention is to combine our knowledge and experience to fully leverage the ability of smartphones to revolutionise people’s event experiences,’ says Info Salons Group Chief Executive Jo-Anne Kelleway.

Having just celebrated its 21st birthday Info Salons Group is no newcomer to the events industry where it has earned the reputation of being the leading provider of online & mobile solutions for all event database management, registration and marketing requirements. Operating from offices in Sydney, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Dubai and London, Info Salons has recently successfully launched their mobile event app iEvent.

In comparison, SmartShow is an emerging star.  Established in New Zealand in early 2010 by a group of people who understand events and technology and the power of combining them, it’s flagship product, ShowGizmo, was launched in the middle of the same year and is now being used by event producers around the world.

‘With Info Salons’ connections and market ‘nous’ and our ability to deliver cutting edge mobile solutions, we intend to take the events industry by storm,’ says SmartShow Chief Executive, Marie-Claire Andrews.


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