Future Watch Report sayd, ‘Get Smart!’

Future Watch Report sayd, ‘Get Smart!’


Seems a bit like a statement of the bleeding obvious, but knowing you need to work smarter and actually doing something about it are entirely different concepts, as we all know.

To explain, we picked up a copy of Future Watch’s ‘2011 The Year Events Get Smart’ at Confex and it makes interesting reading.

The problem is that every time I hear the ‘Get Smart!’ mantra, I think about the old 60s TV spy series, where bumbling Maxwell Smart, Agent 86 for CONTROL, battles the forces of KAOS, with a great deal of help from his competent partner Agent 99.

While that’s not exactly the type of smarts the authors of Future Watch probably had in mind, we’ve all been battling the forces of recessionary chaos during the last couple of years and it’s great to see a report where optimism is back on the agenda.

The report says that two acronyms will dominate meetings industry dialogue this year – SMM and ROI.  Having hastily checked Wikipedia about SMM, I’ll leave that one to commentators who either know or care about it.  Just joking…SMM clearly rocks!  But it’s not what I set out to write about.

ROI – now that’s another matter! Technology is rapidly becoming the solution du jour for capturing and demonstrating ROI to participants and meeting the needs of participants,

“Attendees, overall have begun to expect the use of more technological tools at events,’ says the Future Watch report authoritatively.

‘All very well,’ many producers think to themselves.  ‘But which ones?’

Technology solutions are blossoming like dessert flowers after rain and many producers are struggling to understand which ones will add value rather than clutter to their events.

In my humble (!) opinion, it’s absolutely critical that education and discussion about technology gets included in the programmes of all events servicing our industry, so producers have a fighting chance of picking a beautiful bouquet rather than a handful of weeds.

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