Everyone’s-a-winner-baby that’s the truth!

Everyone’s-a-winner-baby that’s the truth!

We get asked a lot which native applications the ShowGizmo platform supports – Smartphones…Symbians…standard issue phones?

At this stage, we’ve gone with Blackberry and iPhone, with others planned for release early in the new year, but the question slightly misses the point.  Having an iPhone or Blackberry is merely the icing on the cake, putting the show into the palm of those Smartphone users hands during the physical event.  But ShowGizmo’s powerful web engine enables ALL event participants to find and be found, plan, search, prioritise, connect and network and share information before, during and after the shows they’ve registered for, irrespective of which phone they use.   Being able to set up a profile on the website means no one misses out.    It’s the combination of web and phone technology that underpins our ‘killer app’.

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