Building communities round events

Building communities round events

ShowGizmo smart phone show technologyThe days are long gone when events were just events say top producers.

As Fairfax Media’s Julie Gill (one of the producers of CIO) sees it, ‘You’ve got to move with the times—people are expecting technologies like ShowGizmo at events.’

Very true—feedback to the ShowGizmo team bears this out in spades. In a social media-empowered world, events need to be able to build and foster a sense of community before, during and after their calendar dates if they are to really engage with and connect people productively and in ways they are used to.

‘For us as organisers, it’s about building a community and encouraging interactions. For the participants it’s around connecting with people at the event and outside within their business communities,’ says Steve Scott, Owner of Bright Star, co-producer of CIO.

The ShowGizmo platform gives producers the power to build online communities around their events and drive value and results as well as promoting continued connections between events.   This is because ALL event participants are able to create profiles via the Web Application—you don’t need to have a smartphone to benefit—which enables them to find and be found, plan, search, prioritise, favourite, connect and network and share information before, during and after the shows they’ve registered for.