Augmented reality – the new black?

Augmented reality – the new black?

New technologies are changing the way we are able to see and interact with our environment. Imagine the smartphone-enabled tourist meandering their way through the back streets of Paris.

Properties for sale identify themselves with an alert to your phone offering the enticing possibility of an instant virtual tour of the interior and the temptation to escape and live their dream of artistic greatness in an atelier on the Left Bank.

Or, in time, you might own a pair of glasses which look pretty normal, but which enable you to see information graphics offering a constantly updating story as you stroll through towns – history, commerce, hospitality – the augmented world will be truly your oyster.

ShowGizmo offers another take on augmented reality, bringing a whole new range of enhancements to trade shows, conferences, exhibitions and other events. It literally transforms the event experience by connecting people in entirely new ways using smartphones and a powerful ‘back end’ website to achieve dramatically enhanced event results. Without resorting to a crystal ball, it’s not hard to predict that there will be few ‘real world’ events that are not powered by technology of this sort within the next five years. It’s true, augmented reality is the new black!


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