New webinar! Event Intelligence – get empowered by the API economy (or, how to make event tech your b**ch)

New webinar! Event Intelligence – get empowered by the API economy (or, how to make event tech your b**ch)


Do you find yourself drowning in a sea of data? Do you get overwhelmed by the number of event technology options and frustrated by how difficult it is to get them to work together to save you time?

APIs are the secret sauce to holding amazing events. They enable powerful event technology tools to share data and seamlessly integrate with each other. This connected data can save you time, improve your event ROI, and help you run more impressive events.

We’d like to invite you to the first in a series of free monthly webinars about Event Intelligence—designed to help you become a genius event manager.

This month’s webinar will help you understand how to select and implement different best-in-breed technology to create a unified solution for your technology needs. You’ll get actionable tips and downloadable templates that you can take back and implement in your day to day work.

By attending this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to use tools like APIs to connect your data
  • How to use that connected data to improve event ROI
  • How to use event tech integrations to power content at your event that drives meaningful engagement


Hosted by Hubb CEO and founder Allie Magyar, you’ll learn from her fifteen years in the event management trenches.

Date: Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Time: 10 am PT / 1 pm ET / 7am NZT

The Event Intelligence webinar series is brought to you by The Event Tech Tribe. event-tech-tribe-logo-01Who are we?

The Event Tech Tribe is a collaborative ensemble of best-in-class event technologies that have chosen to work together technically, but more importantly, to coordinate at a client level. We’ve brought together similarly minded companies and built a way of working that puts the customer first. Every member of the Tribe is run by an experienced event professional, culturally hard-wired to think like an event planner, using technology to get results, rather than just for technology’s sake.


Dec/Jan key dates at ShowGizmo

Dec/Jan key dates at ShowGizmo

To our customers, partners and friends – we’re only ever an email or phone call away even during our Dec/Jan holiday period.

Please call:  NZ: 04 887 1844  AUS: 02 8599 7234 USA: 855 811 5202 and press 2

Please email

We have a skeleton staff working from Friday 23rd December until Monday 4th January.  This means that

  • we may not be able to respond to your emails and calls as fast as we love to do, but rest assured we will attend to them as soon as we are able and always as we have agreed with you.
  • it would be great if you could send us anything you need us to do in this time, by Friday 23rd so we can schedule it in appropriately.
  • we are shipping a reduced number of apps during this period- but that’s typical for an app company as we’re also waiting for the Apple crew to come back from their holidays.
  • you may see out-of-office replies on some of our emails, there’s a few of us who will be escaping to the beach (it’s summer in NZ!) but we’ll always let you know who else to contact.

Thanks again for all your support, hope you too have a restful break!

ShowGizmo gears up to offer Associations a year-round solution in 2017

ShowGizmo gears up to offer Associations a year-round solution in 2017

One of Australasia’s longest standing event app companies, ShowGizmo is announcing a new focus on Associations for 2017.

Since launching one of the world’s first event apps in 2010, ShowGizmo has now powered thousands of events throughout the world with their suite of native whitelabel and owned event apps. “We’ve served clients from all industries and sectors over the years, as event people as well as mobile specialists. Helping to create awesome events has always been a huge driving force for us,” said CEO and Co-Founder, Marie-Claire Andrews. The company was recently named one of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 in the APAC region.

“Our experience with Associations in Australasia and the USA have consistently been positive, we really love the collaborations that Associations foster, and we want to continue to help make that a possibility for these vital organisations by ensuring their requirements are front and centre for our product development,” said Marie-Claire.

In a nod of more to come, ShowGizmo has confirmed 2017 partnerships with two of Australasia’s leading Association industry bodies: The Australasian Society for Association Executives and Associations Forum. Both will be utilising ShowGizmo’s technology as a year-round platform to digitise the way they communicate with their members.

“Face to face events are still our core business, and we’re going to continue supporting them as always, but we want to help Associations and other organisations leverage the possibilities that year-round mobile interactions offer. Our partnerships with AuSAE and Associations Forum is a sign of great things to come!” explained ShowGizmo’s COO, Ryan O’Connor.

David Browne, Executive Officer of the Professional Teachers’ Council (PTC) NSW is looking forward to showcasing his 45 member associations a digital platform throughout 2017, “I’m excited to offer the platform and I’m confident of great adoption, not only because of the opportunities to cross promote events, but because our app will also be an attractive tool for our associations to attract sponsorship.”

ShowGizmo’s greatest hits

ShowGizmo’s greatest hits

Events on the Edge. Being based in New Zealand means a lot more than Hobbits and Kiwis….it also means we’re driven to innovate (which is great news for the rest of the world)! Check out the article here

Increase engagement for your association members with event tech: Earlier in the year we hosted a webinar all about event tech for venues….and y’all loved it! So, incase you missed it, or wanted a refresh here’s the recording for you to enjoy!


A cool idea for show swag: Our friends at create notebooks from your waste paper – a sustainable approach to show swag…added bonus, it’s unique and pretty funky!

Suchcrowd: Wouldn’t it be great if you could test your event before you commit to it? Suchcrowd let’s you do that…genius right?!

Codecamp: Earlier in the year our CTO organised and ran a workshop for developers in Wellington. He summarised his event planning experience and his learnings about his own product. Give it a read here


Global Meetings Industry Day: We we’re so excited to be working with the Meetings Mean Business team this year to product the official app for Global Meetings Industry Day. Missed it? Read up on it now in preparation for GMID17!

Forbes most stressful jobs: Guess what….event planner made the list!

We’ve all been to averages networking events…you know the type, awkward icebreaker games, stagnant atmosphere and what feels like a room full of people who aren’t actually interested in networking.  Surely they can be better, right?! Read “Taking the work out of networking” written by our one and only, Zaf Burns.


IACC’s meeting room of the future: We worked closely with IACC this year to help predict, create and shape what the meeting room of the future looks like. The resulting research has been fantastic to see…clearly you’re all equally as passionate about the future of the meetings industry as we are! Access the findings here

We’re Hiring: Rails Developer

We’re Hiring: Rails Developer

ShowGizmo is an app which helps people organise events. You’ve probably been to a tech conference and thought “Why do I have to fill out this paper based survey. This should be in some sort of app, possibly one which also has all the schedules and maps in it as well”. That’s our app. It does a bunch of other stuff as well, and we’ve won awards for it.

We’ve got Australasia sewn up and we’re currently taking our product to the US with good success. We’ve spent a lot of time this year improving our platform and gearing up to scale both the team and the number of users on the platform in anticipation for growth which should be somewhere between exponential and explosive.

Our tech team is small, diverse in all senses, amiable, and keen on learning. We’re Agile in the true sense, iterating frequently on the way we work. Shared lunches, stopping work on a Friday to try to solve problems in antique languages, pokemon, and the whole team going to NDC together are all things that happen or have happened recently. About half of the team works from the couches on any given day. My dog comes in a few days a week and climbs on people while we try to have meetings. We value automation and beautiful code. Almost all communication on Hipchat now consists of animated gifs and chatbots arguing with each other.

We have native apps for all the major platforms, a Rails admin site, and a Rails mobile site. All of this is backed by a Rails API. We work hard to ensure that we’re on up to date versions, that our test coverage is good, and that every commit leaves the campground tidier than we found it.

You’ve been coding for about five years, with at least a couple of those being on Rails. You love RSpec and hate monkey patching. You’re also at least somewhat into front end development – perhaps you can explain how prototypal inheritance works without that mild feeling of unease that I get and have a preference for SASS over LESS, or vice versa. If it hasn’t got a test over it, it’s not finished. You’re familiar with at least some of the other technologies in the ShowGizmo mix – Git, Jenkins, Capistrano, AWS, Sunspot/Solr, and Postgres.

The small firm environment and being part of a close-knit and collaborative team fires you up. You’re equally happy learning and teaching, and working on your own and pairing. Your favourite book is the pragmatic programmer. Or maybe you hate it. You’ve got an opinion on it anyway. You probably follow at least one parody developer on twitter.

Outside of work you probably do a bit of coding for fun, and attend a few user groups, but there is more to you than code. You are also part of a knit graffiti circle, which is cutting into the time you can spend on restoring your beloved 1980s jetski. You have an extensive collection of signed photographs of Richard Briers. You once flatted with a bloke from Nairobi who had a harpsichord.

Let’s have a chat.

How to apply:

CV would be a good, but also happy with a link to your Github profile, a few lines that you’ve dashed off outlining your experience, even your LinkedIn profile. Doesn’t have to be desperately formal. That fact that you’re applying through this channel suggests that you’ve done some research into the company and that you’re keen on the sound of us. 

Send your application to